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About Brains Rule!

About Brains Rule!
University of Nebraska at Omaha and several partner organizations are working together, to promote learning about the brain and nervous system among children and adults using new and exciting teaching methods. This project is funded by a Science Education Drug Abuse Partnership Award from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (R25DA 13522-03).

Andrea Zardetto-Smith Ph.D. (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Zardetto-Smith is an Assistant Professor at University of Nebraska Omaha and the Principal Investigator for the Brains Rule! Project. Dr. Zardetto-Smith has been active in science education and promoting women in science for several years. She is a past President of WIN (Women in Neuroscience) an international organization promoting advancement of women at all stages of their careers in neuroscience. Dr. Zardetto-Smith has an active neuroscience research laboratory where she studies the role of various neurotransmitters in brainstem and forebrain circuits that modulate body fluid balance and how they affect overall control of blood pressure, particularly in pathological states such as hypertension In addition, Dr. Zardetto-Smith is an active educator, teaching courses in General Anatomy, Human Anatomy, Human Embryology and Developmental Biology.

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The Partners

Women in Neuroscience

American Occupational Therapy Association

American Physical Therapy Association

American Association of Neuroscience Nurses

Foundation for Biomedical Research

National Center for Arts and Disabilities

NIMH Neuroinformatics

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